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Current offer of our real estate office can be found on the portal The service Moja Realitka is brought to you by - the largest offer of real estate properties in Slovakia.

About Us

Real estate agency AMAXADES REALITY offers a complete and professional services in drafting purchase, lease and donation agreements, expert opinions, certificates, energy and support in dealing with mortgages. Of course, our company is to provide our clients with complete free legal services and communication with the Land Administration.  In order to achieve mutual satisfaction we focus on discrete, correct and reliable approach to our clients, as well as emphasis on the expertise of all our employees. Our working team is educated in the field, controlled languages ??and constantly improving. Participates in training sessions and seminars aimed at communicating with clients in business and the development of skills in the real estate field.


We are here for you and offer you:

 • advice on selling and renting property

 • brokering the sale, lease and purchase of real estate of all kinds

 • has its own internal database of buyers and lease your property

 • have an overview of real estate fraud and offer you protection in selling your property and be sure that you will not be deceived,

 • free will arrange mortgage facilities for peace

 • Provide a copy of your sketches, letters, certificates of ownership and energy,

 • professional and detailed presentation of your property on our real estate My friends and print media,

 • ensuring the transfer of property with a legal guarantee

 • preparation of purchase, donation, and lease agreements,

 • where appropriate, quick and profitable sale of your property consider this property to buy from you,

 • our company is characterized by a personal approach of our staff to clients, their reliability, discretion and responsibility,

 • upon request, we will issue a confirmation of the market value of your property,

 • provide you manage your properties - residential and commercial buildings and premises

 • implement construction and restoration work of houses, flats, and throughout the buildings and objects

 • sell the finished construction projects of houses EUROLINE SLOVAKIA with the possibility of the construction project, purchased the house on the key or the client's needs.


We are your professional business partners in the first place we put maximum emphasis on dependable, comfortable and professional approach so that we bring to our clients the most effective, fastest and best solution. Today we have already successfully implemented hundreds of business transactions, whether private individuals, as well as businesses and international companies.


We are professionals

All of our real estate consultants (real estate brokers) realtor AMAXADES REALITY successfully completed a course accredited by the Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic "Real estate business - dealing in real estate" and every one of our real estate consultant obtained a certificate of education with nationwide validity "Certificate - Real Estate Advisor", and The license issued by the Slovak real estate consultant real estate academy. Our goal is to provide you with unrivaled service in a highly professional and professional level using the latest marketing and sales resources.


We can help you!

Looking for property to rent or buy, or sell or rent your property you need and it will not matter who you help with this problem?


Do not hesitate to go right to our real estate agency AMAXADES REALITY 

We are trained and skilled professional to help you when buying, selling or renting real estate of various kinds. Our goal is to provide services in the real estate business just by candidates and clients who need our services with confidence to contact us. We are your professional business partners in the first place we put maximum emphasis on dependable, comfortable and professional approach so that we bring to our clients the most effective, fastest and best solution. We prefer a conservative approach to the entire business transaction in order to ensure the safest transfer of property to all parties. The aim of our realtor AMAXADES REALITY is on the menu so many business deals and various offers, which we know and fully paid, and where can a responsible, quality and professional work. We offer you our experience of developments in the real estate market, stable base, a wide range of options and choice. To our clients we can arrange for free competitive mortgage loans in the banking sector operating on the Slovak market. Feel free to call us.



If you information about us and our society have taken, we encourage you to meet us personally. We will at our office in person to welcome, or call us and we come with our direct services for your home. This is the best way to communicate, as well as the best way for your successful sale, lease or purchase the desired property.


Ing. Jan Malusreal estate agent

Phone:   +421 911 201 211;   +421 911 400 211


AMAXADES s.r.o., real estate agency

seat: Pivovarská 7,  94901 NITRA,  SLOVAKIA

office: Coboriho 9,  94901 NITRA,  SLOVAKIA

Na veľkosti realitnej kancelárie nezáleží, tie menšie sú často lepšie a odbornejšie

Dobrý realitný maklér by vám mal vždy vedieť poradiť, mal by vedieť o ponúkanej nehnuteľnosti čo najviac a upozorniť vás na prípadné problémy. Nemusí totižto vždy platiť, že veľká realitka je lepšia – jej makléri sú často neskúsení a tlačení k vysokým výkonom. Budú preto tlačiť aj na vás. Dobrý maklér môže byť aj z malej realitky - už preto, že si buduje svoje vlastné meno a v oveľa väčšej miere mu záleži na spokojnosti svojich klientov, pretože od ních očakáva odporúčania pre rozširovanie svojej klientely.